Cardinal IP works with IP departments to solve a wide variety of problems. Many of the most efficient solutions we envision incorporate at least some software component. Cardinal’s in-house software development team builds products to address common challenges faced by IP departments, and also does customization on our applications to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Our cloud platform, IP Dashboard, provides companies and law firms with integrated applications to support competitive monitoring, portfolio management, and research delivery. We invite you to request a demonstration to learn how IP Dashboard and our software development team can solve your IP problems.

Docket & Asset Management

IP Project Control is Cardinal’s docket and asset management software, a cloud-based docketing platform designed for full life-cycle intellectual property asset management. Clients with portfolio sizes ranging from tens of matters to tens of thousands of matters use

IP Project Control to track a wide variety of matters, including:
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Invention Disclosures
  • Domain Names
  • General Matters

Users can monitor case statuses, track due dates, and view full electronic tri-fold records in a single central repository. This affords users ready access to critical docket information.

Project Startup & Management
Cardinal provides a smooth transition process to a fully-managed docketing solution. Based on our significant experience transitioning clients, our staff will work with you to develop a comprehensive project plan leading to service launch. We will coordinate the efforts of your attorneys, paralegals and IT staff, the USPTO, and other involved parties.

Legacy Conversion
Legacy system conversion requires a working knowledge of both old and new systems. Cardinal’s team has a proven track record of successful migrations.

Software Features

Software Features
IP Project Control delivers everything you would expect from an enterprise docketing solution as well as some additional features available exclusively through our platform.

Features include:
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Variable Permissions
  • Secure Authentication Options
  • Annuity Service Integration
  • Search Report Integration

For more information on Cardinal’s full service docketing solutions, please visit our Managed Docketing page.

Invention Disclosure Management

Cardinal offers an invention disclosure management system called IDEAS (Invention Disclosure Evaluation & Analysis System). IDEAS can be used as an integrated part of IP Project Control or as a standalone software solution.

IDEAS provides a simple online interface for your inventor community to submit disclosures. The intuitive design makes invention submission easy, and provides your inventors with information about where the disclosure is in the review or patenting process.

IDEAS helps your intellectual property team quickly move disclosures through the evaluation process by centralizing and facilitating:
  • Disclosure Resubmission Requests
  • Committee Review
  • Disclosure Combination
  • Patentability Searches & Results
  • Defensive Publications

For more information on IDEAS , please visit our Managed Docketing page.

Competitive Risk & Litigation Overview

(Strategic Competitive Overview & Risk Evaluation)

Where do you stand? When it comes to analyzing your competitive position, the answer lies in Cardinal’s SCORE service.

SCORE presents an organized view of your patents and products in relationship to your competitors’ patents and products. Offensive and defensive analyses for each competitor help you evaluate potential litigation risks, expose gaps in competitive data, and recognize new licensing opportunities.

An effective way to communicate the value of patent and product assets across your organization, SCORE translates into better corporate decisions, easier budget planning and stronger support for litigation and licensing plans.

SCORE is a powerful competitive analysis tool that provides various levels of perspective—from a company-wide view all the way down to details of an individual product or patent. Centralizing this information minimizes the loss of time and money associated with employee turnover and other human factors. SCORE also drastically reduces the time required to prepare patent and product reports.

By delivering clear visual representations of related offensive and defensive positions, SCORE helps you evaluate potential litigation risks and licensing opportunities.

To generate your SCORE, Cardinal gathers a customized research team to fill competitive information gaps or to update any other information you require. As information is collected and entered, SCORE will show you an increasingly accurate and powerful perspective of your intellectual property environment.

Corporate-Wide Summary
  • Uncovers cross-division and cross-technology strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors.

Division or Technology Summary
  • Displays your relative strength in a particular division or technology field.

Patent/Product Assertion View
  • Provides specific details regarding potential offensive or defensive relationships between patents and products.

PAIR Alerts

PAIR Alerts obviates the burden of tracking on the PAIR website through automatic monitoring of application, patent, and reexamination proceedings of competitors’ patents. The service also enables a customized user experience by allowing each user to determine the delivery style and frequency of each notification. Whether analyzing litigation exposure, trying to get a jump start on post grant review options, or crafting research and development plans, Cardinal’s PAIR Alerts will help you accomplish your goals.

PAIR Alerts is a flexible service comprised of an intuitive cloud-based interface for service management and automated email notifications for registered recipients. Because of the management options available, the service can be administrated by use cases of all sizes, from individual attorney projects to full librarian administration. Cardinal’s friendly service staff works with customers to build an account setup custom to their needs.

For more information on PAIR Alerts, please visit our Competitive Monitoring page.


Landscape Viewer

The best way to view the results of your collection search, state of the art search, or landscape search, is Cardinal’s Landscape Viewer. Developed by Cardinal’s intellectual property professionals and software experts, this web-based interface allows you to:

  • Search the full text of cited references
  • Filter the results by assignee, technology category, and publication type
  • Chart competitor filings by technology category

Landscape Viewer provides access to a combined view of multiple document types, including patent applications and issued patent documents of the U.S. and many international jurisdictions, as well as non-patent literature. These documents are presented in one centralized, secure, user-friendly location.

For most Landscape Viewer projects, Cardinal conducts a collection search to identify the prior art that meets the specific criteria sought by the client. However, in some cases a client may have already identified a collection of prior art on which they would like to perform analysis. In either scenario, Cardinal loads the information into Landscape Viewer and, upon request, will categorize each reference by technology area. Landscape View provides a fast and comprehensive resource for landscape analysis or brainstorming for new inventions.

Landscape Viewer Landscape Viewer provides added benefits to search organization:
  • Documents can be identified and classified into technology categories
  • Users can add public or private notes to each document and may elect to filter search results to contain only documents with notes
  • PDF versions of relevant documents are provided for easy accessibility
  • The main interface allows full text search of all documents with ranked results
  • A single click displays each document with highlighted search terms
Invalidity Search Options
  • Basic Validity

    U.S. & Worldwide Patents + Patent Publications & Non-Patent


    • Independent Claims Only (Single Inventive Concept)
    • Essential NPL Searching
    • Claim Mapping / Analysis Available
    • 5-7 Business Days
  • Standard Validity

    U.S. & Worldwide Patents + Patent Publications & Non-Patent


    • Independent Claims Only (Single Inventive Concept)
    • Essential NPL Searching
    • Claim Mapping / Analysis Available
    • 5-7 Business Days
  • Premium Validity

    U.S. & Worldwide Patents + Patent Publications & Non-Patent


    • Independent Claims Only (Single Inventive Concept)
    • Essential NPL Searching
    • Claim Mapping / Analysis Available
    • 5-7 Business Days
  • Redbird Validity

    U.S. & Worldwide Patents + Patent Publications & Non-Patent


    • Independent Claims Only (Single Inventive Concept)
    • Essential NPL Searching
    • Claim Mapping / Analysis Available
    • 5-7 Business Days