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Patent Search Services

Expert Research Teams

Our research teams are custom-assembled, based on the technology of the requested research. Each team in led by a project manager, who is a patent attorney* with the requisite subject matter expertise. The project manager acts as a valuable liaison before, during, and after each search project allowing you to get the results you need.

Our veteran search professionals include patent attorneys*, patent agents, and former patent examiners, all with extensive technical knowledge. They utilize sophisticated search strategies for each project, accounting for individual features and combinations using multiple classifications, subclasses, keywords, and synonyms. In addition, they are all well-versed in the concepts of anticipation and obviousness, which gives our researchers further insight when reviewing identified documents.

Coverage Options

Cardinal customizes your search scope and has the ability to search over 100 patent issuing authorities, including U.S. patents and published applications, and foreign patents and published applications (many of which are full text via machine translation).

Cardinal also has access to over 1,000 non-patent literature databases that contain over 550,000,000 subscribed to articles from journals, magazines, news wires, technical standards, conference proceedings, and company filings.

For full listing of our coverage options, click here.

Foreign Language Capabilities

Our standard research coverage includes English-based patent and non-patent literature, as well as English abstracts and full-text machine translations of many foreign language patents and published applications.

For full listing of our foreign language capabilities, click here.

Technology Areas

With over 150 research professionals, we cover all technologies areas.

For full listing of our technical areas, click here.

Patent Search Report Video

Patent Search Video

RedBird Invalidity Video

Trademark Search Services

Cardinal’s team of trademark attorneys* generate unique strategies for each project.

We develop custom queries to uncover relevant synonyms, phonetic equivalents, and misspellings for  the target mark. We use advanced trademark searching techniques, broadened goods/services keywords, and international classes to deliver the most relevant trademark search results.

Cardinal offers a wide variety of trademark searches tailored to meet your individual needs. Our trained analysts utilize advanced trademark searching techniques, coupled with the most up-to-date trademark databases, to uncover registered, cancelled, and expired U.S. Federal and State trademarks as well as pending and abandoned U.S. Federal trademark applications. Our analysts also utilize state-of-the-art common law trademark searching techniques to comb through business directories, domain name registers, web pages, and other new, product, and marketing sources.

U.S. Trademark Search Types

Knock-Out Trademark Search

Our Knock-Out Trademark Search is a thorough but less time-consuming search to determine whether the proposed mark has been registered with the USPTO. Additionally, our Knock-Out Trademark Search uncovers pending and abandoned U.S. trademark applications and cancelled U.S. trademarks. If no mark of note is uncovered in a given Knock-Out Trademark Search, you may choose to go more in-depth with our Comprehensive Trademark Search. If you choose to proceed with a Comprehensive Trademark Search within 30 days after ordering a Knock-Out Trademark Search, we are happy to discount the price of the Knock-Out Trademark Search from the price of the Comprehensive Trademark Search.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our Comprehensive Trademark Search determines trademark availability in the U.S. Our experienced trademark analysts search the USPTO registers along with state trademark registers, related common law databases, corporate name directories, and top-level domain registers to uncover pending and abandoned trademark applications, active and cancelled/expired registrations, business and trade names, domain names, and full text common law citations.

Design Trademark Search

Our Design Trademark Search looks for trademark design availability within the U.S. Our experienced trademark analysts break down the design elements of the subject mark and utilize the same to uncover pending and abandoned U.S. trademark applications and registered and cancelled U.S. trademarks.

Merchandising/Licensing Trademark Search

Our Merchandising/Licensing Trademark Search determines the availability of a trademark to be used in merchandising campaigns across multiple unrelated industries within the U.S. Our analysts search the same databases as those used in our Comprehensive Trademark Search but expand the query to include product and service designations of multiple unrelated industries.

Common Law Trademark Search

Our Common Law Trademark Search determines the use of a trademark in related industries within the U.S. Our analysts focus the results to include common law product and service designations.

Corporate Name Search

Our Corporate Name Search determines corporate name availability in the U.S. and searches the records of corporate directories  such as D&B Dun’s Market Identifiers. This search is beneficial for corporations forming, merging, or qualifying their company.

Bundled Trademark Searches

Comprehensive & Design Trademark Search

Our Comprehensive & Design Trademark Search combines the best of both worlds by combining our signature Comprehensive Trademark Search with our Design Trademark Search.

Knock-Out & Design Trademark Search

Our Knock-Out & Design Trademark Search is particularly suited for marks containing both design elements and distinctive literal elements. This search takes our signature Design Trademark Search one step further by including our Knock-Out Trademark Search to specifically uncover registered and cancelled U.S. trademarks and pending and abandoned U.S. trademark applications having literal elements that may be applicable to the literal elements of the subject design mark.

Databases Searched

Detailed Trademark Search Results

Every trademark search project provides you with a full PDF report that includes summary tables, copies of all uncovered records in full citation format, and a full search history that details the databases, classes, and keywords used in the search. You also receive secure access to the report on IP Dashboard, Cardinal’s interactive, web-based report interface. On IP Dashboard, you can easily navigate the report to view records and images, red flag and sort records of interest, draft and save comments on records, and generate and download customized PDF reports.