IP Services

As the leading IP services company in the United States, the USPTO selected Cardinal to conduct their PCT searches and prepare preliminary opinions across all subject categories.


Cardinal offers an experienced team of over 150 U.S.-based research professionals, more than half holding Masters, Ph.D.s, and/or J.D.s.

Be confident that your IP services provider is secure.


Our technology platforms incorporate rigorous security and data protection standards. As an additional level of protection, we maintain confidentiality for our clients using the same diligence and procedures as a law firm.


We do not outsource our software or research services, enabling Cardinal to maintain the highest standards of quality, confidentiality, and accountability.

We understand the importance of thorough, in-depth patent research. Our veteran search professionals dig deep, drawing on their subject matter expertise and utilizing the best strategies and technologies to efficiently uncover the information you need. For more information please visit our Patent Search Services section.

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United States Searches

  • U.S. Comprehensive Search
  • U.S. Knock-Out Search
  • U.S. Design Search

Other Searches

  • EUIPO Comprehensive Search
  • WIPO Comprehensive Search
  • EUIPO + WIPO Comprehensive Search
  • Common Law Search

United States Bundled Searches

  • U.S. Comprehensive & Design Search
  • U.S. Knock-Out & Design Search

Cardinal’s team of trademark attorneys generates unique strategies for each project. We develop custom queries to uncover relevant synonyms, phonetic equivalents and misspellings for the target mark. We use advanced searching techniques, broadened goods/services keywords, and related international classes to deliver the most relevant results. For more information please visit our Trademark Search Services section.

PAIR Monitoring Alerts

PAIR Alerts is a flexible service, providing timely updates via email and an intuitive web interface. It also enables a customized user experience by allowing you to determine the delivery frequency of your Alerts. Whether you are drafting claims or creating a competitive strategy, PAIR Alerts will enhance your due diligence. For more information please visit our Competitive Monitoring section.

Patent Filing & Issuance Monitoring

PatentWatch is a service that monitors for new patent applications and issued patents by industry, technology, or company. Our project managers will work with you to formulate search strategies that will provide you with the information updates you need at the frequency you select. This comprehensive tool allows you to review new patent documents and conduct trend analysis in your dynamic intellectual property environment. For more information please visit our Competitive Monitoring section.

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Docket Services Team

Cardinal paralegals support your docket with precision, adhering to strict due dates, and upholding premier docketing standards. Cardinal paralegals manage hundreds of thousands of matters for clients large and small. For more information please visit our Docketing Services section.

Invention Disclosure Management

Cardinal offers an invention disclosure management system called IDEAS (Invention Disclosure Evaluation & Analysis System). IDEAS can be used as an integrated part of IP Project Control or as a standalone software solution. For more information please visit our Platforms section.

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Invention Disclosure Management

IP Project Control

IP Project Control is a cloud-based docketing platform designed for full life-cycle intellectual property asset management. Clients with portfolio sizes ranging from tens of matters to tens of thousands of matters use IP Project Control to track a wide variety of matters. For more information please visit our Platforms section.

Docket Consulting

Cardinal’s professionals will work with your team to identify the current processes, roles and responsibilities within your organization. From this baseline, and working with our proprietary best-practices documentation, we will provide the recommendations and training necessary to streamline your processes. For more information please visit our Docketing Services section.

Docketing Services

Our highly experienced docketing paralegals support dockets ranging in size from ten matters to tens of thousands of matters. Clients include independent attorneys, startup companies, and large multinationals. Cardinal’s docketing services are an efficient and affordable option at all entry points, and we’re prepared to scale with your operation. For more information please visit our Paralegal Services section.

Document Preparation & Filing

Let Cardinal assist in your E-filing and document preparation services, either as part of a filing package agreement, or as an ‘as-needed’ service. A team of qualified paralegals will support you in preparation and filing of domestic (U.S.) and PCT applications. For more information please visit our Paralegal Services section.

Additional Support Functions

At Cardinal, our support personnel have wide-ranging experience in roles from annuity payment process management to invention disclosure and award process management. For more information please visit our Paralegal Services section.

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Monetization & Valuation

Cardinal offers a full range of portfolio monetization products and services, from valuation of a single patent to valuation of an entire patent portfolio from assertion studies to overviews of your litigation risks. Our accurate and effective analysis and value assessment will help support your licensing, asset sale, or acquisition needs. For more information please visit our Expert & Consulting section.

  • Portfolio Monetization
  • IP Valuation
  • Assertion Studies

Prosecution Services

  • Preissuance Submission Services
  • Defensive Publication
  • Due Diligence
  • White Space Studies

Expert Estoppel Services

Skilled Searcher Reports & Testimony

Though case law is divided regarding the breadth of estoppel, there are a number of courts requiring the party claiming estoppel to present evidence that a “skilled searcher’s diligent search would have found the” prior art for which estoppel is requested. Cardinal having been selected by the USPTO since 2006 and having over 150 searchers with science/engineering degrees covering all technical areas, is the authority on what qualifies as a “skilled search.” For more information please visit our Expert & Consulting section.


(Strategic Competitive Overview & Risk Evaluation)
Presents an organized view of your patents and products in relationship to your competitors’ patents and products. Offensive and defensive analyses for each competitor help you evaluate potential litigation risks, expose gaps in competitive data, and recognize new licensing opportunities. For more information please visit our Expert & Consulting section.