Patent Searching

Expert Research Teams

Our research teams are custom-assembled, based on the technology of the requested research. Each team in led by a project manager, who is a patent attorney* with the requisite subject matter expertise. The project manager acts as a valuable liaison before, during, and after each search project allowing you to get the results you need.

Our veteran search professionals include patent attorneys*, patent agents, and former patent examiners, all with extensive technical knowledge. They utilize sophisticated search strategies for each project, accounting for individual features and combinations using multiple classifications, subclasses, keywords, and synonyms. In addition, they are all well-versed in the concepts of anticipation and obviousness, which gives our researchers further insight when reviewing identified documents.

Search Types

Coverage Options

Cardinal customizes your search scope and has the ability to search over 100 patent issuing authorities, including U.S. patents and published applications, and foreign patents and published applications (many of which are full text via machine translation).

Cardinal also has access to over 1,000 non-patent literature databases that contain over 550,000,000 subscribed to articles from journals, magazines, news wires, technical standards, conference proceedings, and company filings.

Foreign Language Capabilities

Our standard research coverage includes English-based patent and non-patent literature, as well as English abstracts and full-text machine translations of many foreign language patents and published applications.

Technology Areas

With over 150 research professionals, we cover all technologies areas.

Clients such as the USPTO rely upon Cardinal for their searching needs knowing that we deliver quality results across all subject areas.

Free IDS Auto Generated Report
Included With All Patentability Searches!

IDS Forms Filled Out Effortlessly.

With the click of a button in our search report interface, the USPTO’s SB/08a form is automatically populated with reference information from your patentability search results**, saving you time, money and effort.

The form allows you to review, edit, and supplement as necessary, allowing for complete customization and another reason to choose Cardinal for your search needs.

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Selected by the USPTO since 2006 to conduct their PCT searches and prepare preliminary opinions across all subject categories. Cardinal’s services are provided solely by all U.S.-based employees. Although not a law firm, all Cardinal project managers are patent attorneys. 150+ search professionals with science/engineering degrees, including many former USPTO examiners. 80+ Masters, Ph.D.s and J.D.s.

**Cardinal Intellectual Property Inc.’s IDS auto-generated form is solely for client’s convenience and Cardinal Intellectual Property Inc. does NOT warrant that the form is accurate, complete, or meets the standards required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Client is solely responsible for the accuracy and completion of the IDS form, including, but not limited to, the references listed, citations used, and application information.