Premium Invalidity / Validity Search

In addition to our Standard Invalidity Search, Cardinal’s Premium Invalidity Search includes a dedicated patent literature searcher(s), a dedicated non-patent literature searcher(s), a library scientist(s) and a technical expert(s).

All of Cardinal’s project managers are patent attorneys* who will review the prosecution history (when available), claims, and the specification. Our Premium Invalidity Search Reports also include claim mapping as a standard feature.

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Search Strategy

  • Identification of Best Fit Classes
  • Keyword Searching
    • Classification-limited keyword searching
    • Keyword searching not limited by classifications


References Cited

  • U.S. Patents
  • Published U.S. Patent Applications
  • Foreign Patents
  • Published Foreign Patent Applications
  • Non-Patent Literature


References Priority

  • Analysts provide either the publication date or an earlier priority date for each reference, indicating how the reference is prior art
  • Unless otherwise noted, search will be limited to non-cited references


Delivery Methods

  • PDF version of report (via e-mail)
  • IP Dashboard Search Report System (web-based report interface)
    • PDF copies of each reference
    • Zipped bulk download of all references



  • Mapping of applicable reference segments to each claim requested


Turnaround Time***

  • 9-11 Business Days

***All turnaround times are approximations and are subject to change.