Paralegal Services

Cardinal provides a wide array of paralegal support services to our clients, adhering to high quality standards and supporting fast turnaround times.

Our paralegal teams manage hundreds of thousands of matters for clients large and small. Well-versed in both patent and trademark procedures, our staff is trained to accurately and efficiently manage your intellectual property matters through well-documented, best practice processes.

All Cardinal paralegals are based in the United States. Because we do not outsource our paralegal services, Cardinal is able to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and security.

Paralegal Services Video

Docketing Services

Our highly experienced docketing paralegals manage dockets ranging in size from ten matters to tens of thousands of matters. Clients include independent attorneys, startup companies, and large multinationals. Cardinal’s docketing services are an efficient and affordable option at all entry points, and we’re prepared to scale with your operation.

Docketing Solutions that scale:

  • Hourly support for audits or onboards
  • Fractional employees for smaller portfolios
  • Full docketing teams with for large portfolios

Clients utilize our docketing paralegals in a variety of capacities. Whether you are looking for backup support for your staff or considering full outsourcing, Cardinal paralegals are prepared to meet your needs. Our team works extensively with most major docketing platforms, reducing or eliminating ramp-up training time. To learn more about Cardinal’s full docketing support solutions visit our Managed Docketing page.

Document Preparation and Filing

Let Cardinal assist in your E-filing and document preparation services, either as part of a filing package agreement, or as an ‘as-needed’ service. A team of qualified paralegals will support you in preparation and filing of domestic (U.S.) and PCT applications. Included in this service is translation and formal drawing coordination, drafting of procedural documents, and document formatting reviews. In addition, we provide instruction letters and source documents to your overseas associates, streamlining your foreign workflow.

We maintain a network of vendor firms for filings, preparation, and legal counsel. Cardinal can facilitate and coordinate foreign filings via our associates, from both communication and docket standpoints. Although costs per filing vary with country-specific filing fees and exchange rates, we do our best to ensure the lowest possible costs for our clients.

Our staff is prepared to promptly and accurately file your US or PCT patent applications.

IDS preparation can include collection of references from your outside counsel, in-house attorneys, or inventors.

We also can prepare and file the following with the USPTO:

  • Amendments
  • Notices
  • Petitions
  • Briefs

Additional Support Functions

At Cardinal, our support personnel have wide-ranging experience in roles from annuity payment process management to invention disclosure and award process management. We can assist with legal accounting support, including reconciliation of USPTO deposit account balances, LEDES billing, and coordinating invoicing with your foreign associates. Other available support functions include data verification and file history ordering.

Other services our paralegals provide:

  • Patent Proofreading
  • IP Title Search
  • Acquisition Support
  • Data Verification
  • Document Review
  • Acquisition Portfolio Review
  • Status Updates from Clients or Outside Counsel