Competitive Monitoring

Our PatentWatch, PAIR and EPO Alerts services allow you to efficiently monitor for new patent data and prosecution activity. The comprehensive up-to-date information provided by these services will help you make informed business decisions.

Cardinal provides outstanding customer service across all of our offerings. Our key to success over the years has been our responsiveness to client needs and ensuring all projects are completed on time, within budget, and with exemplary service.

USPTO PAIR & EPO Patent Monitoring & Alerts

Automatically Track Patent Data & Prosecution Activity

Competitive intelligence is an essential component of any business strategy, especially when it comes to monitoring a competitor’s patent portfolio. However, anyone who has tracked a patent through the USPTO’s Public PAIR website or the EPO’s website knows how time-consuming and tedious the process is to find any new prosecution developments.

Cardinal’s USPTO PAIR and EPO Patent Monitoring & Alerts is a flexible service comprised of an intuitive cloud-based interface for service management and automated email notifications for registered recipients. Because of the management options available, the service can be administrated by use cases of all sizes, from individual attorney projects to full librarian administration. Cardinal’s friendly service staff works with customers to create an account custom to their needs and allows tracking in a single dashboard of all USPTO and EPO prosecution activity.

Cardinal obviates the burden of tracking on the USPTO’s public PAIR website and EPO’s website through automatic monitoring of application, patent, and reexamination proceedings of competitors’ patents. The service also enables a customized user experience by allowing each user to determine the delivery style and frequency of each notification. Whether analyzing litigation exposure, trying to get a jump start on pre or post grant review options, or crafting research and development plans, Cardinal will help you accomplish your goals.

Benefits Of Cardinal’s PAIR & EPO Alerts

  • Review amendments to competitor claims as they are made
  • Monitor issuing patents for pre or post-grant review opportunities
  • Receive automated e-mail notifications for specific changes in status
  • Access easy-click downloads of image file wrappers
  • Track reexamination proceedings
  • Identify and automatically monitor new filings within patent families

Notification settings can cover all continuity related data per monitored application, allowing service users to monitor for continuations and divisionals filed off of an application. Additionally, these applications can be automatically added to account watches, reducing the administrative overhead and ensuring comprehensive monitoring of patent families.

PAIR Video

Our PAIR Alerts service automatically monitors applications, patients, and reexamination proceedings of competitors’ patents.

PatentWatch – Patent Filing & Issuance Monitoring

PatentWatch is our competitive monitoring solution designed to keep you apprised of  competitive patent filing and issuance activity.  It monitors for new patent applications and issued patents by industry, technology, or company. Our project managers will work with you to formulate search strategies that provide you with the information updates you need at the frequency you select. This comprehensive tool allows you to review new patent documents and conduct trend analysis in your dynamic IP environment.

PatentWatch Features

  • Receive periodic updates of competitor patent filings
  • Mark references of particular relevance
  • Add public or private notes to each reference
  • Search the full text of references
  • Download PDF versions of the references
  • Classify references into technology categories
  • Filter the results by assignee, technology category, and publication type
  • Chart competitor filings by technology category
  • Add applications to PAIR Alerts for closer monitoring

PatentWatch updates are delivered in Cardinal’s Landscape Viewer. Landscape Viewer is an unparalleled web-based interface, providing access to a combined view of multiple reference types, including patent applications and issued patent documents of the U.S. and many international jurisdictions. It easily integrates into the review workflow of your IP or research and development teams. Upon request, we can categorize each reference by technology area.

PatentWatch Video