Landscape Search

A Landscape Search helps you make strategic decisions by providing a defined range of prior art relevant to your technical area of interest.

Cardinal Landscape Search service gathers a team of experienced search professionals who help you appropriately broaden or narrow the scope of the search based on your requirements. They then filter the results based on these requirements, and upon request, categorize references to assist you in reviewing the results. For your convenience, the results can be delivered in Cardinal’s Landscape Viewer.

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Landscape Search Strategy

  • Identification of Best Fit Classes
  • Keyword Searching
    • Classification-limited keyword searching
    • Keyword searching not limited by classifications


Landscape References Cited

  • U.S. Patents
  • Published U.S. Patent Applications
  • Foreign Patents
  • Published Foreign Patent Applications
  • Non-Patent Literature


Landscape Delivery Methods

  • IP Dashboard
  • Landscape Viewer
    • Custom result set for reviewing, filtering, and searching
    • Bulk download of all filtered references
    • Export results as customized spreadsheet report
    • Charting of trends and top companies


Landscape Additional Add-On Services

  • Custom Categorization of Results
  • Periodic Updating of Landscape Search (via PatentWatch)


Landscape Turnaround Time***

  • 5-9 Business Days

***All turnaround times are approximations and are subject to change.