Standard Invalidity / Validity Search

Our Standard Invalidity or Validity Search identifies prior art references that may be used alone or in combination to contest the validity of the claims in a patent or patent application.

Standard Invalidity or Validity Search results may include published applications and issued patents, both U.S. and foreign, as well as non-patent literature such as scientific journals and papers.

Only references disclosing the claim limitations are included in the results, and Cardinal’s analysts highlight the segments relevant to the claim elements. Additionally, analysts can provide a mapping between the highlighted segments and the corresponding claim limitations.

Invalidity Search Patent Drawing
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Standard Invalidity Search Strategy

  • Identification of Best Fit Classes
  • Keyword Searching
    • Classification-limited keyword searching
    • Keyword searching not limited by classifications


Standard Invalidity Search
References Cited

  • U.S. Patents
  • Published U.S. Patent Applications
  • Foreign Patents
  • Published Foreign Patent Applications
  • Non-Patent Literature


Standard Invalidity Search
References Priority

  • Analysts provide either the publication date or an earlier priority date for each reference, indicating how the reference is prior art
  • Unless otherwise noted, search will be limited to non-cited references


Standard Invalidity Search
Delivery Methods

  • PDF version of report (via e-mail)
  • IP Dashboard Search Report System (web-based report interface)
    • PDF copies of each reference
    • Zipped bulk download of all references


Standard Invalidity Search
Additional Add-On Services

  • Mapping of applicable reference segments to each claim requested


Standard Invalidity Search
Turnaround Time***

  • 5-9 Business Days

***All turnaround times are approximations and are subject to change.