RedBird Invalidity Search

Our RedBird team of technology and legal experts collaborate with our clients before, during, and after each round of a search to provide tailored and efficient investigations in the places where results are most likely hiding.

At the outset of any RedBird Invalidity Search, Cardinal’s experts collaborate with you to identify the goals of the search. We develop a unique search plan to identify the right places to look and the proper tools and techniques to provide exemplary results. Working together, our team conducts the search in iterations and presents results to you after each round until you are satisfied.

A RedBird Invalidity Search allows our clients to tailor searches to their needs. These searches go beyond our Standard Invalidity and Premium Invalidity by allowing our clients to work with our project managers to select a customized team comprising a patent literature searcher(s), a non-patent literature searcher(s), a library scientist(s), and a technical expert(s).

All of Cardinal’s project managers are patent attorneys* who will review the prosecution history (when available), claims, and the specification. The team will meet with you before, during, and after the search. You can adjust the search on the fly as you see fit. RedBird Invalidity search reports also include claim mapping as a standard feature.

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Full Review & Follow-Up Discussions

  • Collaboration during all facets of search
  • Unique & Refined Search Strategy


Direct Access

  •  Involved Cardinal Employees
    • Project Manager
    • Searchers
      • Patent Literature Searcher(s)
      • Non-Patent Literature Searcher(s)


Customized Delegation

  • Patent Literature Searcher(s)
  • Non-Patent Literature Searcher(s)
  • Consulting Contributors
    • Library Scientist
    • Technical Experts


References Cited

  • U.S. Patents
  • Published U.S. Patent Applications
  • Foreign Patents
  • Published Foreign Patent Applications
  • Non-Patent Literature


Reference Priority

  • Analysts provide either the publication date or an earlier priority
    date for each reference, indicating how the reference is prior art
  • Unless otherwise noted, search will be limited to non-cited references


Delivery Methods

  • PDF version of report (via e-mail)
  • IP Dashboard Search Report System (web-based report interface)
  • Consulting Contributors
    • PDF copies of each reference
    • Zipped bulk download of all references



  • Mapping of applicable reference segments to each claim requested


Turnaround Time***

  • 2-4 Weeks

***All turnaround times are approximations and are subject to change.