How do I reward and incentivize inventorship?

How do I reward and incentivize inventorship?

As the need to acquire and protect intellectual property grows, companies are looking for ways to encourage employees to create and submit new inventions. One of the most successful methods used by corporations to accomplish this goal is through inventor reward programs. Utilizing input from our clients, Cardinal has developed a tool (Invention Disclosure Evaluation & Analysis System, “IDEAS”) that provides clients with numerous reward options to best fit their culture and needs. Additionally, IDEAS is a collaboration portal with advanced features and workflows to help you manage your invention disclosure process.



Starting with the original submission, and continuing through the final decision of whether to proceed with filing a patent application, IDEAS facilitates:

    • Collaborative disclosure preparation


    • Committee reviews


    • Patentability searches


    • Defensive publications


    • Securing Trade Secrets


    • Inventor awards administration


    • IPPC docket integration
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